Game Day

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Wake-ups


No Looking Back

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Wake-ups

Game 6, a must win for the Heat. Going to be an intense game with lots of teeth grinding moments. Let’s go Heat! Time to control your destiny and make sure that nothing stands in your way. It’s still a huge hill to climb but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Not Today

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Wake-ups

Today is a new day. Start it off right. Believe in yourself. If any obstacles come in your path just simply tell them “Ay, not today mofo! I’m doing whatever the fuck I want. So sit your ass down cuz it’s going to be a while.” Confidence will bring you success and the power to achieve everything that you want. No one thing is bigger than you. So stand up to your day and bitchslap it off to a right start.

Surfs Up

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Wake-ups

Maybe you’re like me and have always wanted to surf. One thing I have always kept in mind are the waves. I know that many waves will come at me and I might fall off the board. I might get frustrated and maybe want to quit. It’s never an easy thing but learning how to surf takes time and it’ll take some tumbles. Always remember to stay patient and focused on things. Don’t let any obstacles slow you down and discourage you. Things may seem bad but always remember that once you conquer them, then you can ride any wave.

Pack Your Bags

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Wake-ups

We come across many turbulent times. One thing to remember is to always keep your head on straight. Traveling is a way to set free and get away from these times. Doesn’t have to be a trip far away. Sometimes the best trips are the ones closest to our hearts. Keep those that matter close and take them on a trip that words can’t begin to describe.

Carpe Diem

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Wake-ups

Carpe Diem. This day is yours. There should be no difference between you and success. Start off your day positive and on the ball. There is so much to look forward to in this life and you just have to go out and seize each day. You are the one that shapes it all together. Make it your own and a great one!